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  • Barbarella

    +55 21 2275-7349
    Rua Ministro Viveiros Castro, 24 (Cococabana)
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


    Barbarella is a popular strip club spot on Copacabana beach. It is not your typical strip club though where you will only see girls dancing, but it is more of a place to meet freelance working girls. The freelance girls standing all around the club outnumber the dancers typically 10 to 1, and they are there to mingle with, have drinks with, and take out of the club. Prices for these girls will vary because they are independent, but we found the very attractive girls will typically ask for 500 Real ($200USD) for 1 hour, and 1000 Real ($400USD) for all night. However, that is their starting price and everything is up for negotiation. If she likes you she will probably spend an hour with you for $150USD or spend the night with you for $250. The cover charge in this place is 70 Real ($28) and that includes 2 drinks.
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    Reviewed 11-30-2014
    I stopped in here and had fun for a few hours. I will rate it a 5 star because I saw some very hot women in here. This is more of a place for picking up freelancers than it is a strip club. There were freelance girls all over the club trying to make eye contact with. I purchased drinks for 2 girls and had some fun. They wanted 500 Real ($200) to go with me, but I declined. I probably could have gotten them for cheaper but I just was not in the mood yet. Will go back though.

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