Vila Mimosa
Rua Sotero dos Reis
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Vila Mimosa

Rua Sotero dos Reis
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Vila Mimosa is not one, but a cluster of brothels in the downtown area. It is seedy, dirty, and cheap, but also very famous and well known. This place is frequented mostly by locals but if you are feeling adventurous have a look. For the most part you are not going to find the highest class girls here, but you will find some fairly attractive girls on occasion. The price to party and have sex with these girls is normally right around 50 Real ($20), and you might even be able to negotiate lower. Don't expect any of the girls to speak English here.
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Reviewed 09-11-2015
Went to Vila mimosa several times, got burned 2 out of 4 times. Girls tried to change the deal after I paid them ...... One girl was going through my pockets trying to steel from me it hit or miss....very dangerous....looked to good to be true....going bank to Thailand, at least they are honest....
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tonyinbrazil 09-11-2015 11:10:01 PM tonyinbrazil
If you a sex tourist, avoid VILA MIMOSA THE GIRLS ARE CRIMINALS your money and go to the many termas in the Rio area.

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